Our Brands

We enjoy saving high quality garments from what we like to call 'Life as a One Hit Wonder'. So often, high quality garments are purchased for a particular event, and then left to gather dust in the back of a wardrobe. This makes us sad (and often their owners too), which is why we are in the business of saving them! Find pre-loved pieces from Zimmermann, Acler, and other brands who produce in limited quantities.
Joslin Studio
In their words: “Joslin proudly supports the sustainable fashion movement and a shift in consumer intelligence towards a more environmentally conscious fashion industry and supply chain.

Joslin uses only fabrications derived from natural compositions in each and every design, synthetics and plastics are only used when there is no natural alternative, or when it benefits the natural composition.

Joslin sources textiles and yarns that are high in quality, planet friendly and traceable to the source.

Joslin use 100% compostable carrier bags for all shipments to our customers, worldwide.
From November 19 onwards, Joslin will proudly import all garments into Australia inside 100% compostable plant-based satchels.

All garments exported worldwide from China come inside 100% plastic bags or poly bags, one of the world's worst hidden uses of soft plastic.

Elinor Joslin only works with suppliers and manufacturers that incorporate ethical manufacturing and social compliance.

Joslin personally visits her factories four to eight times a year to maintain a high standard and ensure safe and healthy working conditions for both the makers and also the merchandisers/pattern makers that manage the Joslin brand's design, development and production. Joslin ensures strict worksafe standards and working hours, with correct rates of pay.”
"Posse pieces are designed with intention - they each tell a story and are produced with integrity. From the very first moment a sketch is drawn, to when the garment is brought to life in the reliable hands of our makers; each step of the design process is carefully thought out and considered. All of our pieces are designed in-house in Sydney and are then passed on to our incredible artisans in India and Bali to be produced.
We are dedicated to our team of suppliers, pattern makers, seamstresses, production managers and partners. Without them, our brand would be incomplete. With a focus on natural fabrications and ethical manufacturing, we are devoted to creating premium quality garments you can treasure."
Faithfull the Brand
"With a production based out of Bali, we believe in building life-long relationships with our partners and community. We are community minded and family focused, forging relationships that are mutually beneficial, based on real, genuine family values.
We endeavour to always choose hand-made over mass-produced and resist cutting corners at all costs. We honour our customer and go over and above for her, forever striving to do better and be better.
We will continue to work with and grow the local communities and artisans around us. We will continue to adhere to handmade production with complete care and love. As we prosper, we will always continue to give back and stay thoughtful.
We are doing our bit towards creating a better future, creating socially responsible garments that you can feel good about wearing on the inside and out."
Hire Spell & The Gypsy Collective
Spell + The Gypsy Collective
"It is our vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world (this is an ambitious statement we know!). But we figured when it comes to our planet, we need to aim for the stars.


To achieve this, we have begun measuring our impact in the areas of Supply Chain transparency, Sustainable Fibres, Environmental Footprint, Social Advocacy, Circularity and Giving Back – we are using this data to drive continuous improvement and refine the way we do things across our whole operations."
"The path to sustainability is more important than anything - it's at the forefront of every decision we make at Arnhem."
Arnhem know no limits when it comes to sustainability, truly operating at the forefront of innovative brands across Australia, from their fabrics, packaging, printing, manufacturing, waste, social compliance, and philanthropy.
We haven't even mentioned their range of single-use battling products! Enjoy keep cups, beeswax wraps, and house wipes.
If you have the time, this is well and truly worth a deep dive.
Unreal Fur
Acknowledging the longstanding tradition of fur in fashion, Unreal Fur is a wickedly clever pivot, here to convert and divert. A vegan brand, social responsibility is always at front of mind for Unreal. Already offering a substitute for cruelty, the team are working internally on sustainable fibres, reduced wastage, ethical manufacturing relationships, and recycled products. Do good and look totally baller this winter, knowing you made a choice for the good of the planet.


Champions of linen and high quality fabrication, these pieces are made to last.

We love the sustainable nature of linen. Linen takes less water than other fabrics to produce, is strong and hard-wearing, and gets better with age, as well as being naturally biodegradable and recyclable.


Champions of denim! We love Aje for making hard-wearing garments that are functional (loaded with pockets of course) and stylish well beyond a season.