About Finn

Purchased in 2019 as an established business, Finn Boutique was established in 2020 as a double entrendre – on one hand, to reflect our Finnish heritage, and on the other, as a nod to the ocean. We want our fin/Finn to break through the proverbial surface of hire boutiques in Australia to stand alone as your sustainable hire destination.

The timing couldn’t be more painfully poignant.

From the perspective of both Economists and Scientists, we are constantly reminded that we live on a planet with finite resources – yet unrealistically, our worldly desires and outputs remain almost infinite.

In the wake of 2020, we’ve watched so many of our precious resources quite literally go up in flames. Innocent animals have perished. Habitats have been completely destroyed – both flora, fauna, and human. People and animals are hurt and hungry. What a way to welcome to the new decade.

We can no longer afford to indulge in fast fashion, and throw it out after it’s worn once.

The hire model at its core is sustainable. We meticulously mend what is broken and carefully clean what is dirty. Quality garments thoughtfully designed are worn and loved and shared until they can’t be worn any longer.

As in all industries, we can always improve. At Finn, we wanted to create a business where planet conscious women can choose from a range of labels whose sustainability goals and practices are clear, offering affordable choices that you can work your way through, rather than purchasing, and rejecting in your own wardrobe after a couple of wears.

By choosing garments whose origins are traceable and ethical – both free from exploitation, and made from sustainable materials – we help to slow down the cycle. We reduce the bulk contributing to greenhouse gases via production and landfill. As it stands, we are quite literally filling our planet with rubbish.

Championing sustainable Australian labels who put the planet and the safety of its inhabitants first, find a blend of 1% for the planet members, labels with strong and defined sustainability goals, and ample supply of planet friendy fabrics such as linen, TENCEL branded fibres, and other low impact, compostable fibres. Find brands such as Joslin Studio, Arnhem, Sir the Label, Spell and The Gypsy Collective, + Ginger and Smart, as well as other pre-loved Australian labels.

We purchase high quality garments and ensure all are loved properly and used to the fullest before they are retired.

Our goal: To slow down fashion by reducing the purchase of cheap clothing made from poor quality fabrics. We love animals. We love the ocean. We love beautiful things, but we don’t want our planet to take a hit for our vanity. So let’s share.

Finn is here for the future of our planet – and to give you a better option.