Sustainable hire.

A curation for the future-focused generation.

Save money, reduce your consumption and experience a new style every weekend!

We mail Australia-wide daily to dress you for all those weddings, galas, birthdays and engagements.

Local pick up and appointments available just outside the Adelaide CBD.

Afterpay available.

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Hire with Finn.

Finn Boutique is the dress hire boutique in Australia for eco-conscious shoppers that focuses on sustainable brands and fabrics.

We choose high quality designer pieces produced in limited quantities. These are the pieces that you would likely only wear once before hanging in your wardrobe and forgetting. Let us save you money and regret!

Our goal: To slow down fashion by reducing the purchase of cheap clothing made from poor quality fabrics, helping those with a limited budget to LOVE wearing beautiful designer dresses and outfits while also helping reduce the demand for cheap clothing.

We aren't here to reinvent the wheel - but we're pretty keen to break it.