Why choose dress hire?

Why choose dress hire?

Over the last five years, Australian women have become very familiar with the hire model, taking to hiring a dress rather than dropping hundreds (or thousands) when we have an upcoming event. It's totally changed the face of formal wear shopping for the better!

It's a win for you, and the planet. But leaving sustainability aside for today, let's explore the many benefits dress hire has for you!

Have a new outfit for every event

Deny it all you like, we all like shiny things. There's nothing quite like the first wear of an outfit. The guiltier among us are may not be able to bring themselves to repeat outfits at all!  So... don't. Have something new every weekend, without the guilt.

Shop outside your regular price range. 

As a sort of unofficial rule, you'll pay approximately 25% of RRP for your dress hire. This means you can be a Joslin girl on a Target budget, while wearing clothes are much higher in quality. 

Marie Kondo your wardrobe.

Hire keeps that home clutter in check, encouraging you to maintain that capsule wardrobe while hiring wilder and occasion pieces for special events. 

Ditch the disappointment and hassle of re-sale.

"I'll just sell it afterwards!" Take it from us - it's the worst, and you rarely get anywhere near your hard-earned money back. Remove the hassle of trying to resell our garment post event on the various facebook pages after the event. 

LOVE everything you own.

We are firm believers that if you really truly love something, and you know you'll wear it to death, you should buy it! But sometimes, we just need something different - whether it's to fit a dress code or theme, or simply because we've worn that beloved dress around that particular friendship group more than enough times.

Buy when you're in love - and enjoy a brief hire romance when you're in need.

Choose bolder styles

On that note, sometimes we can love a style that is WILDLY impractical for regular wear. Maybe it's one of those dresses that you just need to have your moment in - just once. Hire has your back. Have your moment, then return it to us so someone else can have their moment too!

Get organised for event season.

Whether it's wedding season, 21st season, 30th season, or races season, we all feel better knowing we have our outfits lined up and ready to roll. It doesn't get much easier than booking ahead of time, and getting your outfit delivered to your door.

We love the hire model, both for the planet, and for you.